Taking the first step is the key…

Hi everyone!

I am Aia and I’ve been a fan of anime for ages. It all started with watching digimon at an early age. Yes, Digimon not Pokemon since we only have one channel available to our television before and we had Digimon as one of the late night shows. I can’t just really remember if the schedule was daily or if it was only once a week but yeah, my anime fandom definitely started with Digimon. I can even recall that when everyone else was talking about tamagochi-tamagochi, and my classmates were like digivice-digivice. Some would even want a digivice as their christmas gift.

Sounds so long ago, right? It may even make you think that I am that old. Well, then, maybe I am. LOL.

I don’t really have expectations for this blog. I don’t even know if I can continue this and update regularly because I will also be busy with my job. And hopefully I won’t forget the username and password (because it happens a lot to me). But, I will try my best.

I actually wanted to start this to be able to share my thoughts on the shows I’ve watched, shows to be watched, soundtracks that I’ve been listening, and the what-nots… And also because I do not see much new anime blogs nowadays that If I try to seek out new anime shows, I am just reading the same things over and over again.

I will not be venturing much on the technical stuff of the shows as I am not an expert on those. I will just try to give my impressions as an ordinary person who just loves anime as a whole. It will mostly reflect my personal tastes and opinions, so yeah, please bear with me…

And so… Digimon paved my way to the anime world. And as I am now very drawn to this awesome world, even if I try to steer away, it is still my getaway when stress comes my way. Hah! See? It rhymes.

Let’s get this bloggin’ goin’!


6 thoughts on “Taking the first step is the key…

  1. Take it easy. If you find anything in anime to be special, chances are that someone else out there finds it too.

    Some people literally follow up on every episode of an anime with their blog, some only write what truly matters to themselves.

    It doesn’t hurt to get straight to controversial stuff if you want immediate attention though, haha! That’s what anime YouTubers do for living…

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      1. You will be fine!
        Since you’ve been to my blog, you’ll see that it has been exactly the case for me. I let out the wonders of voice actors/actresses singing a lot of music in anime, fast forward I’m writing a bunch of things about Saekano. There is nothing between the lines at all since I just write about what intrigues me at ‘the time’.

        How about start with that? What’s currently making you want to let out your excitement.

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      2. I just kind of wanted to reminisce the shows that I’ve stumbled to so far. But I’ve been watching a lot of music animes lately, so maybe, I’ll write about them to.


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